Empro Classic 2023 (II)


  The day of the EMPRO PRO SHOW begins and we can see differences with the amateur event. The most obvious is the incredible expectation that this event has created, which is reflected in the full crowd. Hours before the doors open, there are hundreds of fans outside who have been lucky to get a ticket. The endless line of people runs even outside the VB Spaces. It is difficult to see a bodybuilding event today that motivates such a large mass of enthusiasts, but Emilio Martínez knows perfectly the ingredients that he need to cook a show that attracts both, competitors and his followers.

While the number of fans is increasing abroad, even the smallest detail is being revised inside. The team performs multiple tasks that the public never sees, but which are essential for each event to be more spectacular, without losing professionalism. A competition of this type begins to prepare months in advance, but the slightest mistake can lower an ever higher quality standard. Emilio Martínez always transforms his plans into reality, making the event an unrepeatable experience.

– The VIP area is already prepared for those who will enjoy the event on the front line –

– Where the “Pro Card” cards were yesterday, you can see the invitations for the Orlando Olympia today –

– The Tanning room begins to receive the first professionals –

– Emilio Martínez always keeping an eye on it –

– Segis appears at the judges table –

– The team that controls the Backstage and the ascent to the stage reviews their notes –

– David Catena checks the sound –

– The judges are taking positions –

– Gabriel Opare prepares his performance as master of ceremonies –

– The first category begins to arrive at the Backstage –

– Medals are as spectacular as the event they represent –

– The public begins to take a seat while the final details are finalized between the judges and the team –

– The good climate of Alicante invites you to warm up outside. Birgit Andersch –

– Public continues to enter –

– In the entrance hall Salou TV collects the first impressions –

– Fans cross the shopping area –

– Paula Ranta warms up in the Backstage –

– Hairdressing, makeup and tanning –

– The Womens Physique category receives the last instructions before going on stage –

– The Spanish anthem signals the start of the competition –

– Gabriel Opare introduces the judges and welcomes the public and competitors –

– Women’s Physique makes an appearance on stage opening the event –

– Birgit Andersch –

– Hayley Brylewski –

– Yaiza Miranda Gonzalez –

– Marina Kassinopoullou –

– Uta Koehler-Spitzbart –

– Women´s Physique –

– From any angle the “Gran Hall” impresses full of fans –

– In the heights, the Streaming team controls everything that happens, selecting the best images to broadcast them live –

– Jose Manuel Muñoz in the Tanning room –

– Category Figure on stage –

– German Pastor Cueto –

– Men’s Classic Physique –

– Jhon Duque Montoya –

– Jessica Galera guides athletes to their place on the platform –

– David Martinez Campos –

– Camilo Diaz –

– Jonathan Moriau watched closely by Angel Calderón –

– Javier Prado Senas in the Backstage –

– Ruth Petizco –

– Concentration at the judges table –

– Men’s Classic Physique –

– 20 professional athletes in the Men’s Classic Physique category –

– Wellness Category –

– Katia Hermes –

– Ruth Petizco concentrated before going on stage –

– Sarah Ait Lamkadem –

– Raquel Lagunas (Salou Fitness TV) gets the interview of the day with Michal Križo Križánek before going on stage –

– Jose Manuel Muñoz waits for his turn in the Backstage –

– Bikini category on stage –

   The Men’s Bodybuilding category has ten professional competitors of different nationalities (Spain, Brazil, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Poland and Slovakia). In the previous weeks, social networks and specialized media generated a large amount of content around the possible winner of the EMPRO PRO SHOW. However, once they go on stage, the training system used does not influence, the diet followed does not score, the controversies, the number of followers or the desire to go to the Olympia are not valued. It is time to show that you are the best here and now.

Only what happens in the few minutes they spend in front of the judges counts. The past disappears, the future is uncertain and only the present moment exists, this moment in this place. It’s part of the magic of competitive bodybuilding.

What begins to be lived in the VB Spaces is absolutely impossible to tell with words or images. When a mass of people vibrates together in such a way, the environment is charged with an energy that makes it difficult to control emotions. The music shakes the ground and fills the fans with euphoria. The public cheer on the athletes as if it were an epic battle. The professionals are making their presentations showing the result of the hard work done, but knowing that the invitation to the Olympia can only be won here and now, in these moments that will remain in the memory.

– Michal Križo Križánek impressing everyone at Men´s Bodybuilding –

– Petar Klancir –

– When Jorge Zamorano makes his presentation, the mix of music with the emotion of his poses brings tears to some of those present –

– Wellington Fernando Baptista –

– Michal Križo Križánek –

– Roman Fritz –

– Petar Klancir –

– Michal Križo Križánek making it clear that he wants the invitation to Olympia –

– Joan Pradells in front of his legion of followers –

– Jose Manuel Muñoz –

– Emir Omeragic –

– Andrea Presti –

– Andrea Presti –

– Time to review the tanning or refresh yourself after the comparisons –

   The morning ends and the predictions begin in the minds of all the fans. The interval until the finals is a good time to recharge your batteries, visit the shopping area, discuss what you have experienced and even get a haircut to the beat of a DJ.

– The Barbershop Temple, music and haircuts –

– Emilio Cheat Meal –

– ESN  Elite Sports Nutrition –

– California Supplement –

– Empro Athletics Apparel –

– 1 MORE –

– In the Backstage the athletes prepare for the finals –

– The judges do not lose their concentration –

– Sanna Nupponen –

– Romana Skotzen –

– Uta Koehler-Spitzbart –

– Uta Koehler-Spitzbart –

– Uta Koehler-Spitzbart –

– Uta Koehler-Spitzbart receives her medal –

– Yaiza Miranda González –

– The representative of the Vayu brand at the medal ceremony –

– Emilio Martínez with the representative of ZNT Nutrition –

– Emilio Martínez and Romana Skotzen winner in the Women’s Physique category –

– Women’s Physique podium –

– California Supplement representative waits with Jessica Galera at the medal ceremony –

– Podium Figure –

– David Martínez Campos –

– Germán Pastor Cueto –

– Germán Pastor Cueto –

– Lucas Alexander Guido –

– Francisco Navarro Hernández –

– Joan Canngieter waits for her turn in the Backstage –

– Francisco Navarro Hernández –

– Teresa María Sina –

– Posedown prior to medals in Classic Physique –

– Germán Pastor Cueto, Classic Physique winner –

– Germán Pastor Cueto –

– Wellness category finals –

– Ruth Petizco –

– Leonida Ciobu triumphs in her category –

– Lisa Meiswinkel with the representative of Vayu –

– Wellness category podium –

– Leonida Ciobu winner of the Wellness category and Emilio Martínez –

– The interview area receives the champions –

– Presentation of medals in the Bikini category –

– Ivi Escandar winner of the Bikini category –

– Jorge Zamorano –

– Wellington Fernando Baptista –

– Petar Klancir –

– Roman Fritz –

– Michal Križo Križánek –

– Joan Pradells –

– Andrea Presti –

– Krystian Wolski –

– Michal Križo Križánek and Andrea Presti watched by Krystian Wolski –

– The professionals come down from the stage and walk among a crazy crowd –

– Jose Manuel Muñoz receives his medal –

– Michal Križo Križánek, Men’s Bodybuilding podium –

– Emilio Martínez delivers the winner’s ring and the invitation to the Olympia –

– Michal Križo Križánek is interviewed by Emilio Martínez –

– Official photos by Andrés Soriano –

   Here and now the EMPRO PRO SHOW 2023 ends. An event that has exceeded all expectations. The winners have already engraved their names in the memory of this competition. It is time to reflect on what happened and get excited again remembering it in your mind. The public evacuates the room while some competitors request feedback from the judges, who keep the same smile with which they began the event.

   Outside, it is surprising to see how some athletes, after a tough competition, give away poses and take photos with their loyal fans who will always support them regardless of the result. Events like this show us that a new wave of fitness and bodybuilding fans is coming, wanting to emulate their idols and match their achievements.

   Empty rooms remind us the ephemeral nature of time. Right now the EMPRO CLASSIC 2023 is only a memory, but an indelible memory that will surely mark the fate of many competitors and fans.

   Emilio Martínez should be very proud of the success of the show that represents his brand. His personal character, his way of doing things, has set the standard very high once again, perhaps more than ever. But those who know him know that in his head the end of the event means no more than the beginning of the preparation for the next one.

    Sometimes a picture can capture a moment in time and even make us remember a multitude of emotions. But if we put several images together according to a narrative, we can build a more complex story, full of details and even small stories within the main story. Thank you Emilio Martínez for allowing me to capture from my vision the hidden magic behind these events.