Empro Classic 2023 (I)

The moment after it happens, it will be a memory forever. For those who were not there, the only way to find out what happened is to listen to the story told by those who enjoyed the moment. The story will depend on the experience lived by each person. It will be different for competitors, coaches, judges, journalists, even for each person in the audience. This is my story behind the images of "EMPRO CLASSIC 2023".

   Two competitions are held on the EMPRO CLASSIC weekend. Saturday is for amateur athletes and a Professional Show takes place on Sunday. The event has become a point of reference in Europe. More and more competitors move to Alicante to take another step on the road to their goals.

Both days the participants have great incentives to get on the stage. On Saturday the competitors want to get a “Pro Card“, which allows them to compete in the “IFBB Professional League“. On Sunday, at the pro show, the winner gets an invite to compete at the “Olympia” in Orlando.

EMPRO CLASSIC is completely linked to its creator, the promoter Emilio Martínez. His experience as a bodybuilder, competitor, promoter and businessman, transmits a personal character to this competition. Even though it is held in the same place as other events on the annual calendar, it takes on a totally genuine character. The excellent attention to the athlete and the spectacle offered to the public are difficult to replicate.

On Friday, when registration for the amateur event ends, the professionals begin to arrive. Some competitors decide to show their physique, as a notice to other competitors or as a gift to their followers.

   Registration seems simple, but it is the result of years of experience and a team of passionate people. Athletes receive their number, accreditation and certificate of participation. They go on stage with the rest of their category and show their weapons for Sunday. Then they book makeup, hairdressing, tanning and photography services. Salou TV already begins its informative work with the first interviews.

   The pro competitors won’t step on stage until Sunday, but social media immediately begins discussing who will take the ring and invite to the Olympia.


   The athletes of the amateur event can feel like professionals for a day. Emilio Martínez has raised the level of amateur competitions so much that there are almost no differences. They enjoy the same services, facilities and, of course, the stage that professional league athletes will step on.

Let the images tell the story of the EMPRO Classic, without forgetting that not all the protagonists are there, but all those who were captured in the photographs were protagonists.

– The activity starts early in the Tanning room –

– Cristina Chatti organizing the athletes. It depends on your work that everything develops without interruptions, guaranteeing the fluidity of the event –

– The public crosses the commercial area to access the “Gran Hall” –

– The competitors wait in the backstage. They warm up and receive the latest advice from the trainers –

– The master of ceremonies, Gabriel Opare, announces the start of the competition –

– Men’s Classic Physique Masters + 35 –

– After the individual presentations and the comparisons, Emilio Martínez awards the medals to the first categories, Men’s Classic Physique Novice –

– Jimmy Melinand, Men’s Classic Physique Junior winner –

– Men’s Classic Physique Open Class B –

– Sergiu Pavlenco and Raul Rodas Muñoz –

– Jose Luis Castaño Rodriguez –

– The “Pro Card” cards and the trophies await next to the stage –

– Streaming –

– Emilio Martínez continues to award medals –

– The moment in which the winner is announced is always emotional. Sergiu Pavlenco, first classified Men’s Classic Physique Open Class B –

– Podium Men’s Classic Physique Open Class B –

– Sergiu Pavlenco, winner Men’s Classic Physique Open Class B –

– Podium Men’s Classic Physique Open Class D –

– Overall Men’s Classic Physique –

– Victor Toledo Pardo, winner of the Overall Men’s Classic Physique and new IFBB PRO –

– A new IFBB PRO has the opportunity to speak for the public –

– Judges, media and a whole human team at the service of the athlete –

– Bodybuilding on stage –

– Segis, focused on his work –

– Gabriel Opare receiving athletes on the stage –

– Nicolas Cantemir Sacristan, Men’s Bodybuilding Masters + 60 –

– All details matter –

– Men’s Bodybuilding Open Heavyweight –

– Julian Galarzo –

– Most muscular in Men’s Bodybuilding Open Super Heavyweight –

– Pinto Canhao –

– Men’s Bodybuilding Open Light Heavyweight category awaits judges’ decision –

– Men’s Bodybuilding Open Heavyweight –

– Julian Galarzo receives good news –

– Julian Galarzo, Men’s Bodybuilding Open Super Heavyweight winner –

– Héctor Defez and Vicent Just Ferrer enjoying the Posedown –

– Posedown Men’s Bodybuilding –

– Posedown Men’s Bodybuilding –

– Absolute winner, Miguel Angustia –

– Mike Thijsen and Emilio Martínez with Miguel Angustia, winner in Men’s Bodybuilding –

– Miguel Angustia in Andrés Soriano’s studio, located behind the stage –

– Female categories make their appearance on the stage –

– Women’s Figure Novice Podium –

– Podium Women’s Figure Masters + 35 –

– Dayner Marshall –

– Podium Women’s Figure Open Class A –

– Becky Clawson and Emilio Martínez await the name of the overall winner –

– Jenny Kurth receives Women’s Figure overall winner ring –

– Kitti Egri –

– Women’s Wellness Open Class A returns to Backstage –

– Emilio Martínez awaits the next name at the medal ceremony –

– Joy and camaraderie –

– Podium Women’s Wellness Open Class A –

– Alexandra Maria Da Silva, new IFBB Pro –

– Alexandra Maria Da Silva is interviewed by Raquel Lagunas (Salou Fitness TV) –

– Work continues in the hairdressing area –

– Any break is good to visit the commercial area with brands like “California urban” and “Brilliant Bikinie’s” –

– The perfect souvenir for visitors and competitors –

– In Backstage Men’s Physique final details. Assane Dieye Sosso –

– Jonathan Moriau, Official Photographer of the IFBB Pro League, makes sure the competitors have the best images to remember –

– Jessica Galera and Gabriel Opare do not lose their smile no matter how many hours they spend on the stage –

– Men’s Physique Masters + 35 shows his back pose to the judges –

– David Catena, don’t let the rhythm stop –

– Emilio Martínez enjoys each medal. He knows the suffering of each competitor to be there –

– Podium Men’s Physique Masters + 35 –

– Alessio Sbizzera –

– The judging team –

– Final instructions backstage before going on stage –

– The team deserves another medal –

– Men’s Physique Open Class D in a professional level stage –

– Women’s Bikini category in Backstage –

– On stage, Hugo Fragua hears his name as winner of Men’s Physique Open Class B –

– Podium Men’s Physique Open Class B –

– Lyndonn Escudero, first place in Men’s Physique Open Class C –

– Podium Men’s Physique Open Class E –

– Podium Men’s Physique Open Class F –

– Assane Dieye Sosso enjoys the fight in the Men’s Physique Overall –

– Alessio Sbizzera does not hide his emotion –

– Alessio Sbizzera new IFBB Pro –

– Women’s Bikini Novice –

– Kateryna Spievakova and Noelia Hilinger Frias –

– Alexandra Asin Alonso makes her presentation in front of the judges and the public –

– The time to enjoy on the stage is coming –

– Chantal Hill –

– Women’s Bikini Open Class D –

– Alysha Jacob –

– Vanessa Silva –

– Donna Molinari –

– Giulia Bianchi –

– Podium Women’s Bikini Open Class D –

– Exciting moments for Melanie Navarro Garcia –

– Gaia Mastrototaro –

– The winners of the Women’s Bikini categories await the result of the Overall –

– Giulia Bianchi gets the pass to professionals –

– Smiles and joy in the last interviews of the day –

– Becky Clawson attends to the competitors, once the event is finished, with the same smile with which she started the day –

   The EMPRO CLASSIC Amateur ends and the machinery to prepare the professional Show starts immediately, which will begin in a few hours and promises to be even more spectacular.