Olympia Amateur Spain 2023

The Mr. Olympia title inspires a huge number of athletes to train, sacrifice, invest time and effort, with the aim of getting on the stage where the best bodybuilders in the world are crowned. In the "Olympia Amateur Spain" the athletes fight for one of the 27 "Pro Cards" that introduce them to the professional circuit. A previous and necessary step for those who want to get the statue of Sandow that is given to the winner of Mr. Olympia. Could this competition have surpassed its own champions in fame? Could it have come to life independently of the competitors fighting each other on stage? I think so. Listen as it takes a deep breath in and out, inhales, exhales, heart rate increases. The Olympia breathes, the Olympia is alive.

   We can think the Amateur Olympia hibernates during the year and begins to wake up while hundreds of athletes are arriving in Alicante from all over the world. On Friday, during the registration, blood begins to flow through their veins and corridors. The night will be the last moment of calm in the VB Space.

Vehicles begin to arrive early at the “Olympia Amateur” venue. The team of officials, judges, media, makeup, hairdressing, etc. they begin to prepare their positions so as not to leave anything to chance.

Next to the heart of the event (the stage) await the trophies, medals, belts and rings that will be delivered to the winners of the most desired event at the amateur level.

   The Olympia still breathes gently as its corridors fill with life. There is more and more activity in the make-up, hairdressing and tanning room. The team of professionals strives for each athlete to show their physique in a spectacular way.

   An increase in heart rate is perceived in the environment when the competitors begin to go down to the Backstage. As they occupy positions, each protagonist spends their time in a different way. Rest, concentration, the latest advice from the trainers, rehearsal of the poses, creating content for social networks and pumping up the muscles, are some of the activities that take place at that time.

   A call puts the first group of competitors (Women’s Figure) on alert, who will go to the back of the stage to wait for the long-awaited moment. In this place they are alone, without coaches, family or friends. Their attention is focused on the officers lining them up before going on stage and mentally reviewing their almost immediate performance.

Very soon they will go from semi-darkness to the incredibly bright stage, at the heart of the event.

   The judges are ready, the officials too. Photographers and streaming team wait to not lose detail. But there is someone essential for the strong beat of the event to be heard, the DJ.
The musical soul of this Olympia Amateur is on stage, in the very heart, where the energy vibrates exponentially. Their role is essential to spread the explosion of adrenaline to all the public who come to witness the event. A sporting event of this magnitude does not only bring together family and friends. It is also capable of attracting lovers of bodybuilding, who enjoy their favorite athletes and inject doses of personal motivation.

– David Catena Dj speeding up the heartbeat of the Olympia –

    The athletes take the stage. For many of them, a dream is already fulfilled, for others it is just one more step towards victory. The entire Olympia team is at the service of each one of them, who at that time are the only protagonists.

– Women’s Figure –

– Great display for Streaming –

   The Olympia breathes faster again, the pulse of the entire venue quickens again to attend the award of medals and the highly prized professional cards. Music, deliberations, tension and the name of the winner accompanied by an explosion of joy for the achievement of the goal.

– Emilio Martínez presents the medal to Susana Morales Ibanez –

– Podium Women’s Figure Masters +35 –

– Podium Women’s Figure Open Class C –

– Jeanne Kassel, new IFBB PRO –

   While this is happening on stage, in a parallel timeline, everything is duplicated for the next category. The Men’s Physique athletes have already left the tanning room and are in the Backstage preparing for their appearance in front of the present public and those who enjoy streaming.

– Men’s Physique awaits its turn –

– Behind the stage the expected call is imminent –

   Only one will achieve the title of Overall champion. He will take the belt and the ring that will remind him of this great battle for the rest of his life, against everyone but above all against himself.

– Men’s Physique True Novice –

– Men’s Physique Novice makes her appearance on stage –

– Gregory Kuc (451) y Ahmed Alghuri (793) –

– Dawid Jedrzejewski (477) –

– Men’s Physique Masters +35 B, Hamza Fellah Boughaba (595) –

– Leonardo Dos Santos (495) –

– Michel Spica (504) –

– Federico Morabito (502) –

– Christian Ani (534) –

– Rasim Hasanov (486) –

– Hugo Alexander Fragua Toledo (498) –

– Leonardo Dos Santos (495) y Monsif Febbo (496) –

– Abdulla Juma (507) y Alberto Sanchez Bey (508) –

– Podio Men’s Physique Open Class D –

– Breno Penna Freire (543) y Daniele Carbone (536) –

– Breno Penna Freire (543) –

– Overall Men’s Physique –

– Rui Liu, new IFBB PRO –

   The high number of competitors multiplies the value of the trophies. The winners will be interviewed by Emilio Martínez and Salou Fitness TV, present at the event to broadcast the emotions experienced at the Olympia.

– Interviews with the champions –

   Again the heart rate of the Olympia Amateur drops, breathing becomes almost imperceptible as the seats are emptied for the break. However, the commercial area does not rest. It is a good time to browse the EXPO in search of a souvenir.

Soon the beats of the Olympia will begin to be heard more strongly. The afternoon will be reserved for the Women’s Bikini category.

– Women’s Bikini, last details in the backstage –

– Lara Martinez Palma (650) leaves the stage –

– Maura Maria Chiara Mameli (662) moments before going on stage –

– Oriana Nathalia Grazia Guarema receives the medal from Emilio Martínez –

– Gabriel Opare controlling the rhythm of the stage –

– Complicated work for judges –

– Podium Women’s Bikini Open Class B –

– Gabriel Opare awaits the result –

– Patrizia Vaccaro, new IFBB PRO and overall winner –

   On Sunday the Olympia Amateur wakes up again. All categories have many fans, but Men’s Bodybuilding seems to be the focus of interest. For many it is the queen category of the event. We can say that no moment accelerates the heart of Olympia more than the Posedown that precedes the medals. And no moment paralyzes the breath as much as the eternal seconds that precede hearing the name of the winner.

– Men’s Bodybuilding category in the tanning room –

– Any place is good to create a memory –

– Segis Canto in action –

– Streaming –

– Solemn moments while the Spanish anthem plays –

– Men’s Bodybuilding on stage –

– Josue Garcia checking that everything goes perfectly –

– Raquel Lagunas covering the event for Salou Fitness TV –

– Jonathan Moriau capturing moments to remember –

– Ismael Llach Aragon (740) –

– Alberto Malillos (730) –

– Lukasz Prekop (741) –

– Podium Men’s Bodybuilding Regional –

– Podium Men’s Bodybuilding True Novice –

– Dmytro Demchenko (736) –

– Lukasz Prekop (741) –

– Podium Men’s Bodybuilding Masters +40 Heavyweight –

– Lukasz Prekop (741) –

– Richard Hart (745) –

– Nicolas Cantemir Sacristan (729), Men’s Bodybuilding Masters +60 –

– Andrés Soriano, studio photographs next to the stage –

– Pascal Schlegel (779) cools off with the fan –

– Photographs and videos to remember –

– Simon Pendelin (767) –

– Greg Taylor (786) –

– Maxi Rodriguez Jimenez (733) receives his medal –

– Podium Men’s Bodybuilding Open Middleweight –

– Podium Men’s Bodybuilding Open Heavyweight –

– Tension and camaraderie, Pascal Schlegel (779) and Pinto Canhao (781) –

– Pascal Schlegel (779) –

– Pascal Schlegel (779) IFBB PRO –

– Simon Pendelin (767) –

– Pascal Schlegel (779) –

– Simon Pendelin (767) IFBB PRO –

– Podium Overall Men’s Bodybuilding –

   The Olympia continues to vibrate. The Women’s Physique winner is decided before the Men’s Classic Physique athletes begin to literally fill the stage.

– Podium Women’s Physique Open Class A –

– EXPO area –

– Javier Prado Senas (586) –

– David Catena Dj –

– Gabriel Opare –

– Men’s Classic Physique Novice –

– The essential work of the Speaker –

– Abdulmonaem Youzbashi (560) –

– Camilo Filipovic Morales (572) –

– Llewellyn Davies (577) –

– Abdulmonaem Youzbashi (560) –

– Abdulmonaem Youzbashi (560) –

– Podium Men’s Classic Physique True Novice –

– Podium Men’s Classic Physique Novice –

– Mahmoud Mahmoud (579) –

– Podium Men’s Classic Physique Masters +35 –

– Alali Mobarak (622) –

– Javier Prado Senas (586) –

– Christopher Chanchevrier (583) –

– Daniel Bohn (591) –

– Javier Prado Senas (586) –

– Luigi Maria De Robertis (617) –

– Manolo Cecili (631) –

– Ladislav Vozar (642) –

– Javier Prado Senas (586) –

– Overall Men’s Classic Physique –

   This category and its emotions seem to exhaust us, even with the feeling that the Olympia needs a break. But the show continues with the last category. The Women’s Wellness athletes finish forcing the heartbeat of the Olympia Amateur, who will have to recover and, surely, come back stronger next year.

– Podium Women’s Wellness Regional –

– Iuliia Grishina (405) –

– Women’s Wellness Open Class A –

– Podium Women’s Wellness Open Class A –

– Katia Hermes (421) and Hilda Djupenstrom (404) –

– Overall Women’s Wellness –

– The soul of Olympia, Emilio Martínez –

   Someone takes care of the good health of the event and seems to train it so that become stronger every year and breaks more records, that person is Emilio Martínez. The athletes will be different but the Olympia will breathe, beat and excite us again, because the Olympia is alive.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” 

Mahatma Gandhi