Fotografía Fitness Duranfotografía

   I have had the pleasure of taking photographs of great professional athletes (Ingrid Romero, Dennis Wolf, Verónica Gallego, Raúl Carrasco, Carlos Asensio, Lorena Iñarra, Manuel Manchado, etc.) and I have also enjoyed immortalizing sportsmen and women not so famous but just as motivated to achieve their dreams. I’m passionate about the challenge and responsibility that implies capturing in the best possible way a precise and important moment in the life of all of them.

   On the one hand, sessions are focused on models, athletes, competitors, coaches or brands that may need images for advertising profiles, media presentations, magazine articles, etc.

   On the other hand, Fitness books are perfect for anyone who wants to have a professional memory of his/her physical condition after all the time invested in strict diets and training. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in front of a camera because I will guide you during the session to reach your full potential.

   I offer three options for Fitness Photography sessions: Silver (starting at 150 €), Gold (starting at 300 €) and Platinum (starting at 450 €). If you need detailed information about the different options or a personalized quotation, please contact me.