Servicios fotografía Bodas

   As a standard option in the wedding photography I offer a complete coverage of the ceremony trying to mingle with people as any other friend with a camera, letting the day pass naturally and enjoying the event as any of you. Contact with me and tell me what you have planned for one of the best days in your life. I will send you all the details and we will be able to check everything together.

   It would be amazing to do a pre wedding session to meet each other. These images could even be used for a beautiful and original guest book. The post wedding session is done after the ceremony to get an unconventional report (funny, romantic, adventurous, etc.) which reflects your emotions without the tension and pressure of the wedding day. You will obtain a different type of photograph that will help you to complete the memories of one of the happiest moments in your life. As you can see in the section ABOUT, I love traveling so it wouldn’t be a problem to look for natural backgrounds, epic places or just get to your favorite corner for the sessions.

   I consider family photography like a natural extension, as I love to capture feelings, and families allow me to enjoy many opportunities to achieve it.