Servicios fotografía mascotas

   These sessions are the perfect gift for people who share their life with a pet. We will spend an amusing time together and you will always have a special memory.

   The session can take place at home or outdoors, but we will always look for a comfortable location, stress free, to get natural images and capture the spirit and character of the animal. Before starting the session, we will take the time to meet and sniff each other.

   Two photographers will never capture the same image. We each have our own style and working method, for this reason I invite you, first of all, to visit my pet gallery so that you can check if you like the pictures. If you consider that your pet would look nice this way, you can book your session starting at 90 €. You will receive your images with professional edition to live up to your best friend’s expectations.

   Do you relay on me to capture your pet’s glances and essence?